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Discover authentic Sardinian tradition with our Handcrafted Olive Wood Cigar Cutter. This handcrafted piece represents the meeting of Sardinian craftsmanship and the natural beauty of olive wood, offering a unique experience. The handle is made entirely of olive wood, a material known for its natural beauty and durability. The central silver medallion can be personalized free of charge according to one's zodiac sign, making your Cigar Cutter one of a kind (for personalization of the medallion with logos or engravings you will need to contact us). The sharp MA5M-440 steel blade and ergonomic handle ensure a precise cut. In addition, this Cigar Cutter is designed to adapt to different cigar sizes, offering a double cut size (especially suitable for cutting Caribbean and Tuscan cigars). The Olive Wood Craft Cigar Cutter is an authentic representation of Sardinian craftsmanship, with natural materials and attention to detail. Its small size and folding blade make it an elegant and pocket-friendly item, perfect for your cigar-loving moments. Choose our Handcrafted Olive Wood Cigar Cutter and immerse yourself in the culture and beauty of Sardinia. In addition, each model comes inside its signed hard case.

Handcrafted Olive Wood Cigar Cutter

  • - Made entirely by hand in Pattada, Sardinia
    - Includes signed hard case
    - MA5M-440 steel blade approximately 6.5 cm (will not rust or blacken)
    - Handle made entirely of olive wood
    - Double cutting size
    - Possibility of personalizing the medallion

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