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Massimo Manca

l'artigiano Massimo Manca
l'artigiano manca

The magic of the knives made by Massimo was born in the tranquility of his laboratory in the heart of Pattada, a refuge where he forges blades, works ox, mutton and mouflon horns, and where he carves the finest woods to free the shapes that have remained trapped in the material .
The silence of the work is punctuated by the rough hiss of the file that cuts into the materials, by the hammer that shapes the incandescent metal on the anvil, by the vice that tightens around the frame of his latest creation. Meticulous and accurate work, which requires mastery and a lot of patience: Massimo stops only when each element is perfect and blends harmoniously with all the others.

The excellence of Sardinian knives is missing (original and superior quality pattadesi) is now known throughout the world.

If major brands likeFerrari AndDucati they chose it to create unique sets, or to represent their events (World Rally Championship), there are just as many illustrious enthusiasts who have chosen his creations to enrich their private collections: from the princeAlbert of Monaco to the American entrepreneur Tom Barrack, up toRoyal Family Al Maktoum of Dubai, Manca knives have won over many connoisseurs for the unique characteristics that distinguish them.

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