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Returning a unique and origianle Sardinian craft knife has never been so quick and easy!


If you need to return your order for any reason, we are here to help! We offer FREE returns and refunds within 30 days of product delivery, NO QUESTIONS. 



To initiate a return or exchange, just complete the following steps:


Send an email to, stating your order number and whether you would like to exchange your knife (original Sardinian pattadese) or product and/or get a refund. In response, we will send you the data to proceed with the return.

Confirm that the returned product has been dispatched (the cost of dispatch will be borne by the customer), providing an identification/tracking code so that we can verify the return at any time.


Further information to take into account:


  • Returned articles must not show any visible signs of wear and tear or use.

  • Under no circumstances may products be returned or exchanged that have been "customised" or "modified" or "altered" according to specific customer requests, indicated in the order notes or through email, contact form, whatsapp or any other written form of communication received by us (products with engravings in the blade or collar are included in this category).

  • For products purchased using a code obtained through a "gift coupon", the refund will be made by issuing an additional discount code for the value of the purchase made (net of any shipping costs).

  • We also remind you that in case of absence at the time of delivery and unwillingness of the customer to pick up the product in stock in the following 3 days, the product will be returned to the sender (Coltelli Artigianali Manca), who will proceed to make a refund to the customer, net of costs incurred for sending the product and for its return.

  • In case the shipping outside Italy has not been paid by the client (order amount over 600€) and the product is returned, the reimbursement made will be net of the shipping costs incurred by Coltelli Artigianali Manca.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at our email:

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