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Remember that all our Sardinian knives (original from Pattada) are completely handmade, following techniques handed down by Sardinian tradition. They are original pieces, which can be customised in small or large details, for an even more unique result. 

In this section you will find answers to all the main questions you may have about our products (handmade Sardinian knives, pattadesi and other models of handmade knives) and our website. And remember, if you have any further questions, you can always contact us directly and in real time via whatsapp or write us an email at

coltello pattadese originale


I have seen some handmade Sardinian knives and would like to order them, how do I do it?

You can order our Sardinian/Pattadese knives by simply clicking on Add to Cart or Buy Now (usually located at the side of the knife photo or at the bottom). If you still have doubts you can watch this YouTube video where we explain how to make a purchase of any of our original Sardinian handmade knives: 

(we are creating the video from scratch to fit the new site - it will be online soon)

Do you have a physical shop where you can buy your Sardinian knives?

Certainly. On this site, in the lower section you will find the address of our workshop in Pattada (SS). In any case, we are always available on the site every day of the year and we can guarantee you the same service and attention that characterises us, as testified also by our positive reviews.

How much does shipping cost and what is the expected delivery time?

For ITALY, shipping is always free (it is done by Raccomandata Assicurata) and the estimated time is 10-15 working days, although we can usually deliver our Sardinian knives sooner (sometimes even in a few days - it depends on the preparation time of the knife and the availability of raw materials to make it).
For OUTSIDE ITALY, shipping is on a fee basis for orders under 600 € (it is done by courier that is selected according to the country of destination - the rate also changes according to the country of destination and is calculated by our piaataforma automatically when the destination address is entered in the checkout page) and the estimated time can vary according to the country of destination (usually more than 15-20 working days).


In both cases (for shipments in Italy and abroad), the estimated delivery time may increase depending on the degree of difficulty of the type of customisation requested. Also remember that for shipments outside the European Union, customs charges will always be borne by the customer (as we cannot calculate them because they depend on the country).

What payment methods are available?

We accept payment by credit/debit and prepaid cards (also Postpay) and other online methods such as Paypal, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Upon specific request via email, the bank transfer method can also be activated.

If I get the wrong Sardinian knife model or the product I receive is not convincing, can I return it?

Absolutely! We offer FREE exchanges or returns with refunds within 30 days after delivery of the product, NO QUESTIONS, according to the directions and specifications in our Returns and Refunds policy. For full details and exceptions, please see the following link.

coltello pattadese versione nuova


What material are your handmade Sardinian knives made of?

All our knives are made of the highest quality materials to guarantee full customer satisfaction. In particular, we forge our blades by hand and create the handles using different types of workmanship and techniques depending on the model chosen (details are included in the description of each knife on sale). Finally we create customisations on the collars or blades that allow our customers to receive unique and original knives from Sardinia (Pattada).

Where are your Sardinian knives made?

All our knives are made in our workshop located in the village of Pattada (Sassari).

In fact, we are among the very few who can boast of making 100% original Sardinian Pattada knives.

coltello pattadese versione nuova design

How can I clean and maintain your Sardinian knives once I have bought them?

The easiest and most appropriate way to clean our original Sardinian craft knives from Pattada is with a damp cloth with water (NEVER put the craft knife in the dishwasher).

How do I request a customisation of my Sardinian knife?

There are several ways to personalise your knife:

- for simple customisations (e.g. initials, dates, names), simply indicate this in the product notes or during checkout, specifying whether you want the customisation with an engraving on the blade or on the knife's collar; these customisations will be carried out totally FREE OF CHARGE.

- for more sophisticated customisations (e.g. logos or long texts), our advice is to contact us by email, so that we can see together the best way to achieve the perfect result for you; such customisations will instead be subject to a surcharge that will vary according to the degree of difficulty and will in any case be communicated to the customer before the online purchase.

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