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All the Sardinian and Pattada knives exhibited in Artisan Knives Manca are in a certain way unique for the following reasons:

  • the handles are made through the processing of ram's horns (in their light, dark and striped versions) which, by their nature, are all different, given that no two completely identical horns can exist

  • the processing is entirely by hand according to traditional Pattada techniques

  • there are infinite possibilities for customizing the blade and collar

However, there are models that go far beyond this concept of "uniqueness" and which become true rarities.

In this section we will find these models of special Pattadesi knives: these are unique specimens, as they are created thanks to the creativity of the craftsman Massimo Manca in a single edition.

For these models there is no possibility of being replicated, because only one exists. Therefore, once purchased by the first buyer, this model will no longer be available.

To get an idea of what we are talking about, we will show some photos of special models created in one-of-a-kind editions in past years (now sold out). And below them, you can admire the special model currently available on the site.

How long will it last? It depends, because as we said, once sold it will no longer be available and another special single edition model will appear in its place.

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