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Bring the charming atmosphere of Sardinian tradition right to your table and get ready to share delicacies in style with our Pattada Style Table Knife Set, featuring dark deer horn handles.

Imagine sharing special moments with friends and family as you cut and savor delicacies with these elegant original table knives. Each sharp blade is a work of art made of MA5M-440 steel, ready to make every bite an unforgettable, gourmet experience.

But it is the dark deer antler handle that makes these knives truly extraordinary. Each handle is a masterpiece of authenticity, with its distinctive dark color and natural hues that make each knife unique. These table knives add a touch of class and originality to any occasion.

Please remember that the photos are purely indicative, as each horn has unique natural shades, so there may be slight differences in coloration from the one you purchased. Additionally, each knife set comes with its own hard case.

Dark Deer Horn Table Knives Set

  • • Made entirely by hand in Pattada (Sardinia)

    • Includes designer hard case
    • MA5M-440 steel blade of approximately 10 cm (does not rust or blacken)

    • Handle made of dark deer horn
    • Set consisting of 6 fixed blade table knives

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