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Make every moment in the kitchen a unique experience with our Pattada Style Chef's Knife Set with olive handles.


Imagine preparing delicious dishes in your kitchen with the elegance and precision of these handcrafted chef's knives. Each blade, made of MA5M-440 steel, is expertly forged to ensure flawless and durable cuts.


There are three different blades in the set, each designed to tackle a variety of tasks in the kitchen. The largest blade measures 22 cm, followed by an 18 cm blade and a 13.5 cm blade, each with its own unique shape and cut.


But it is the olive handle that makes these knives truly special. With its distinctive color and natural hues, each handle is a unique work of art. This set is a perfect combination of Sardinian tradition and craftsmanship, ideal for a passionate chef who wants a high-quality tool in the kitchen.


An extra touch of personalization: there is the option of engraving on the blade of each knife, making them unique and distinct. And to make the purchase even more special, we include a magnificent olive wood cutting board, also made in Sardinia, as a gift.


Please remember that the pictures are purely indicative, as olive wood has unique natural hues, meaning that each set is unique and there may be slight differences in coloration from the one you purchased.

Chef's Knife Set with Olive Handle

  • - Made entirely by hand in Pattada (Sardinia)

    - Include signed hard case and free olive wood cutting board

    - MA5M-440 steel blades about 22 - 18 - 13.5 cm (will not rust or blacken)

    - Olive wood handles

    - Set consists of 3 fixed-blade chef's knives

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