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Explore the Sardinian tradition and be enchanted by the beauty of this authentic Pattadese Remastered Version with a stunning black blade, made through a ceramic powder coating, and an innovatively designed black oak and aluminum handle.

Imagine holding in your hands a knife that is more than just a tool; it is a unique and refined piece that exudes the very essence of Sardinia. The (approximately 10 cm) sharp MA5M-440 steel blade, now in a spectacular deep black, gives you precision and power to prepare your favorite dishes. The black oak and aluminum handle lends a sophisticated modernity to this knife, combining tradition and innovation in perfect balance.

Whether you're passionate about cooking or craftsmanship, this handcrafted Sardinian knife will accompany you in style every step of the way. It is the perfect balance between functionality and beauty, a reliable companion that you can pass from generation to generation as a symbol of perfect solidity.

Choose tradition and quality, choose an original Sardinian knife made in Pattada, following traditional local techniques. Discover it today and begin your journey to a more exclusive world.

Remember that these pieces are part of a limited collection with a unique design. Additionally, each knife comes with its own hard case.

Pattadese Remastered Black Blade with Black Handle

  • • Made entirely by hand in Pattada (Sardinia)

    • Includes designer hard case
    • Black blade in MA5M-440 steel approximately 10 cm long, treated with ceramic powder-based paints (does not rust or lighten)
    • Handle made of oak and aluminium
    • Folding knife

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