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Discover the fascinating world of Pattadese, where Sardinian tradition blends with beauty and originality. Our Pattadese Classica with a handle made of light sheepskin is a celebration of craftsmanship and the essence of Sardinia.

Imagine holding this unique masterpiece in your hands. In addition to being a tool of extraordinary precision for your kitchen, it is a symbol of authenticity that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Sardinia. The MA5M-440 steel blade gives you unparalleled sharpness for preparing your favorite dishes, while the light sheepskin handle conveys a touch of originality and a connection to nature.

Whether you are a cooking enthusiast or a lover of crafts, this Pattadese knife is the ideal companion for every moment of your life. It represents the perfect balance between functionality and beauty, an investment you can pass down from generation to generation.

Choose tradition and quality, opt for an original Pattadese made in Pattada, following traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation. Discover it today and begin your journey into a more exclusive world.

Remember that the photos are purely indicative, as each horn has unique natural shades, so there may be slight differences in coloration from the one you purchased. Additionally, each knife comes with its own hard case.

Classic Pattadese with Light Mutton Horn

  • • Made entirely by hand in Pattada (Sardinia)

    • Includes designer hard case
    • MA5M-440 steel blade (does not rust or blacken)

    • Handle made of ram's horn
    • Brass collar (can be made in alpaca for free upon request)
    • Folding knife

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