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The cigar: a symbol of status and pleasure



Imagine you are a successful businessman, dressed in a smart suit, sitting in an exclusive club. In his hand, a cigar. It is not just a way to smoke, but a symbol of status, elegance and refinement.

The history of cigars

The history of cigars is long and fascinating. The first evidence of the use of cigars dates back to the 17th century, in Latin America. Cigars were initially made from hand-rolled tobacco leaves, and were a luxury product reserved for the powerful and wealthy.

Over the centuries, cigar production has spread throughout the world, and today cigars are enjoyed by people of all ages and all social classes.

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The different types of cigars

There are two broad categories of cigars: Tuscan cigars and Caribbean cigars.

Tuscan cigars are characterized by a strong and aromatic flavour. They are produced with tobacco grown in Italy, and have a characteristic truncated cone shape.

Caribbean cigars are characterized by a more delicate and fruity flavor. They are made from tobacco grown in the Caribbean, and have a longer, thinner shape.

The cigar as a status symbol

The cigar is often associated with a certain social status. It is a luxury product that requires time and care to consume.

Smoking a cigar is a complete sensory experience. The scent of tobacco, the taste of smoke, the sensation of the cigar between your fingers: everything contributes to creating a unique and satisfying experience.

Manca Artisan Knives: the perfect cigar cutters for true enthusiasts

For true cigar enthusiasts, a good cigar cutter is an indispensable accessory. A sharp and resistant cigar cutter allows you to cut the cigar perfectly, preserving its flavor and aroma.

Artisan Knives Manca is an Italian company that produces high quality artisanal cigar cutters. The cigar cutters of Coltelli Artigianali Manca are made with quality materials and are studied down to the smallest details.

If you are looking for a perfect cigar cutter for your hobby, Coltelli Artigianali Manca is the right choice for you.


The cigar is a versatile product that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and all social classes. It is a symbol of status, elegance and refinement.

If you are a cigar lover, don't forget to choose a good cigar cutter. A sharp and durable cigar cutter will allow you to fully enjoy your favorite cigar.

And you, what type of cigar do you prefer?

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