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Knife handles: a journey around the world in materials and cultures

The handle of a knife is much more than just a handle. It is an element that defines the style, functionality and origin of the knife itself. A journey through the different materials used for handles takes us on a fascinating tour of cultures and traditions from around the world.


The most widespread, versatile and ancient material. We find it in almost all cultures:

-Europe: olive tree (Italy), oak (Germany), birch (Scandinavia)

-Asia: ebony (India), teak (Thailand), bamboo (China)

-Africa: mahogany (West Africa), wenge (Congo)

-America: American walnut (USA), jacaranda (Brazil)

-Oceania: kauri (New Zealand), acacia (Australia)

pattadese classica manico in corno di montone striato miele (2).jpeg

Bone and horn:

Precious and resistant materials, used since prehistoric times:

-Europe: deer antler (Germany), ox bone (France)
-Asia: ivory (India), buffalo horn (China)
-Africa: ivory (elephant tusk), rhino horn (Namibia)
-America: deer horn (USA), bison bone (Canada)


They offer modern aesthetics and high resistance:

-Steel: Stainless (Germany), Damascus (Japan)
-Brass: (India)
-Titanium: (USA)

Synthetic materials:

-Stabilized woods, Micarta, G10, Epoxy resin:

They offer vibrant colors, water resistance and wear resistance.

They are mainly used in modern and tactical knives.

Curiosities and statistics:

Olive wood is the most used wood for knife handles in Italy. (source: Artisan Knives Manca)

Ivory was the most sought after material for knife handles until the 19th century. (source: Wikipedia)

The most expensive handled knife in the world is a gold and diamond dagger worth $1 million. (source: Forbes)

Manca Artisan Knives: tradition meets innovation

Artisan Knives Manca offers a wide variety of knives with handles made of different materials, from fine woods to modern technopolymers. The Italian company combines traditional craftsmanship with technological innovation to create high-quality knives that meet the needs of all enthusiasts.

Whether you are a collector, a hunter or a simple cooking lover, Artisan Knives Manca has the perfect knife for you, with a handle that fits your style and needs.

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