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Pattadesi knives: an ancient art handed down from generation to generation

Pattada knives are an ancient art that is handed down from generation to generation in the small town of Pattada, in Sardinia. The production of these knives is a laborious process and requires great skill.

The materials

Pattadesi knives are made with high quality materials. The blades are usually made of carbon steel or stainless steel. Carbon steel is stronger and holds an edge better, but requires more careful maintenance. Stainless steel is easier to clean and maintain, but is less durable.

The handles of Pattadesi knives are made of different materials, including wood, horn, ivory and bone. Wood is the most common material, and a variety of woods are used, including dogwood, boxwood, and ebony. Ram's horn is another traditional material, and gives knives an elegant and refined look. Ivory and bone are valuable materials, and are used for the finest knives.

pattadesi originali di pattada, tecniche e storia.jpeg

The techniques

The production of Pattadesi knives is a laborious process that requires several phases. The first phase is the forging of the blade. The blade is hand forged by a master craftsman, using a hammer and anvil. The second phase is the processing of the handle. The handle is worked by hand, and is often decorated with inlays or engravings. The third phase is finishing. The blade and handle are finished with a polish or surface treatment.

The different types of knives

Pattadesi knives come in a variety of types. The most common knives are hunting knives, working knives and collector's knives. Hunting knives are designed for hunting wild game. Work knives are designed for various types of work, such as cutting wood or working in the fields. Collectible knives are made from fine materials and are often decorated with inlays or engravings.

Manca Artisan Knives: the excellence of tradition

Artisan Knives Manca is an Italian company that produces high quality Pattadesi knives. The knives of Coltelli Artigianali Manca are made with high quality materials and are studied down to the smallest details. The company offers a wide range of knives, including hunting knives, work knives and collector's knives.

If you are looking for a high quality Pattadese knife, Coltelli Artigianali Manca is the right choice for you.


Pattadesi knives are an ancient art that deserves to be preserved. The knives from Coltelli Artigianali Manca are an expression of this art, and are a high quality product that can be appreciated by people of all ages and all social classes.

And you, what type of Pattadese knife do you prefer?

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