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The Sardinian Cavalcade

Parata in Sardegna

The Cavalcata Sarda is one of the most significant folklore events in Sardinia, celebrated in the city of Sassari on the last Sunday of May. This traditional festival, which has taken place since 1899, represents a magnificent showcase of Sardinian culture, traditions and customs, attracting thousands of spectators from across the island and beyond every year.

The beating heart of the Cavalcade is the equestrian parade, where the riders, dressed in the sumptuous traditional costumes of their respective villages, show their equestrian skills through acrobatics and games of skill, such as the star race. Accompanied by traccas, the ornate agricultural carts representing scenes of Sardinian rural life, the parade becomes a vivid tale of a rich and ancient culture.

In addition to the equestrian display, the Cavalcata Sarda is a stage that celebrates local craftsmanship through exhibitions of fabrics, jewellery, and of course, handcrafted knives. Knives, in particular, represent a fundamental element of the Sardinian cultural heritage. They are not only tools used daily, but also objects of great aesthetic and symbolic value.

The excellence of Coltelli Artigianali Manca fits into this context, a company that for years has been producing high quality knives, handmade following the ancient traditions of Sardinian craftsmanship. Each knife is a work of art, designed for those who appreciate the beauty and functionality inherent in these tools. The participation of Coltelli Artigianali Manca in the Cavalcata Sarda is not only a commercial opportunity, but a moment of pride, where the mastery and passion that characterize the production of each individual knife can be shown.

Anyone who visits the Cavalcata Sarda and comes across Manca's knives will have the opportunity to see up close the care and attention to detail that each piece requires. The collaboration between Coltelli Artigianali Manca and la Cavalcata represents a bridge between the past and the present, where ancient traditions continue to live and be celebrated in the modern era.

For further information on the knives produced by Coltelli Artigianali Manca and how they can be integrated into the holidays and traditions of Sardinia, please visit the website

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