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What is the biggest knife in the world?

Let's immediately cut it short by saying that the largest officially recognized knife in the world (we're talking about weight) is found right here in Sardinia. Let's find out the details together:

The Giant Knife: a Tradition That Finds its Home in Sardinia

In the heart of the enchanting Mediterranean island of Sardinia, a fascinating artisan tradition comes to life: the creation of switchblade knives, known as arresojas. These knives are among the oldest typical objects of Sardinian craftsmanship, and their cultural and historical value is indisputable. However, there is one knife that stands out among the rest, one that holds the title of "the largest knife in the world." This artisanal marvel is preserved in the heart of Arbus, a town renowned for its tradition in the production of arresojas.

pattadese più grande del mondo

The Arresojas of Arbus: a knife for the Guinness Book of Records


The giant knife of Arbus, known locally as 'arresojas,' is a unique work of art. Its shape is reminiscent of a broad leaf, similar to a laurel leaf, and its handle is carved from a single block of horn, often decorated with details depicting eagles, deer, mouflon and wild boar. These objects are highly prized by hunters and collectors, often purchased as souvenirs. However, there is one custom that must be strictly observed: according to Sardinian tradition, giving an arresojas as a gift brings bad luck, and the recipient must always return a coin as 'payment' to ward off bad luck.

The epicentre of this tradition is the Arbus Knife Museum, located at Via Roma 15, the first museum dedicated to the handmade knife in Sardinia. This extraordinary museum was founded by the artisan Paolo Pusceddu, a true expert in the creation of knives. Inside the museum's four rooms, you can admire an extensive collection of arresojas ranging from the 16th century to contemporary times. The exhibition even includes a faithful reconstruction of a 19th-century blacksmith's workshop, with an anvil, treadle wheel and bellows, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the craft tradition of giant knives.

However, the highlight of this museum is undoubtedly the arresojas preserved inside. This giant knife, created by Paolo Pusceddu himself, is an impressive 4.85 metres long. Back in 1986, this knife entered the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest switchblade. Although it lost the title of 'largest in subsequent years,' it still retained the prestigious accolade of 'heaviest in the world,' at an impressive 295 kilos.


Handmade Knives Missing: A New Perspective on Giant Knives


While the arresojas of Arbus continue to enchant visitors from all over the world, the tradition of giant knives continues to flourish. Even at Coltelli Artigianali Manca, we have tried our hand at creating a giant collector's knife, much larger than the usual commercial cuts. Of course, in our case it is still a switchblade knife, but we are talking about our local Pattada knife (if you want to find out the difference between the different types of Sardinian handmade knives, please click on the following link to the corresponding article).

At a time when traditional craftsmanship meets modernity, Coltelli Artigianali Manca has challenged the boundaries of the art of Sardinian knives. Their creation, a giant Pattadese, represents a true masterpiece of exceptional dimensions. It certainly does not reach the dimensions of the Arbus arresojas, known as much for its record length of almost 5 metres as for its weight (still a record); however, it is a true collector's piece for connoisseurs, reaching almost 1 metre in length and boasting to be our giant Pattadese.

This extraordinary creation is a testimony to the craftsmanship and innovation that characterise Coltelli Artigianali Manca. With its size, this giant Pattadese is a work of art that combines respect for tradition with the challenge of size.

In conclusion, the world of giant knives is a place where tradition and creativity meet. While the giant knife of Arbus continues to hold a special place in the heart of Sardinia, the giant Pattada knife of Coltelli Artigianali Manca represents a surprising innovation that holds a special place in the heart of our Pattada. The art of Sardinian knives is constantly evolving, and these giant creations testify to the human capacity to push the limits. 

If you wish to further explore the fascinating world of handcrafted knives, we invite you to discover the wide selection of high quality knives available at Coltelli Artigianali Manca. Tradition lives on through the art of the craftsmen, in both 'normal' and giant sizes.

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